Horse Equine Poison Prevention

Experts have compiled the following list of spring and summer hazards for horses.

  • Wilted red maple leaves
  • Black walnut (e.g. as shavings in bedding)
  • Oak (especially new-growth leaves in the springtime)
  • Taxus species (yew, Japanese yew, American yew, English yew, western yew, oleander and rose laurel)
  • Rhododendron and azalea
  • White snakeroot, richweed, white sanicle, jimmy weed, rayless goldenrod, burrow weed
  • Yellow star thistle, St. Barnaby's thistle, Russian napweed
  • Blister beetles, which can sometimes be found in alfalfa hay, especially in the Midwest and Southwest
If you suspect that your animal has ingested a poisonous substance, please call your veterinarian
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